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You haven’t won anything, but you have found the greatest pet accessory ever created. PUP-a-TOP™ is the world’s first pet ID tag that also doubles as a bottle opener. PUP-a-TOP™ dog tags are available in two sizes (Chihuahua and Standard) and 17 colors, including 5 different camos!

PUP-a-TOP™ pet tags are 100% made in the USA out of aircraft grade aluminum. Our tags are stone tumbled to remove any sharp edges, so that you can be confident when you are fetching a cold one your pet is safe. The brite-dip anodization ensures that color you purchased for your dog will last.

Whether creating your own custom dog tag or selecting one of our templates; be confident in knowing that regardless of your choice purchasing a PUP-a-TOP™ for your pet or a friends will be the best decision you have made this year.

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Digital QR Dog Tags

PUP-a-TOP & PetHub Team Up

PUP-a-TOP™ powered by PetHub is the most useful dog tag in the entire world. The physical ID tag can be purchased here and is then linked to your pet's profile. That profile can have any information you want, including multiple emergency contacts, license & rabies tag numbers, microchip data, critical medications, and much more.

When someone finds your pet they can get it home in 3 ways:

  • Scanning a QR code
  • Typing in the tag's web address
  • Calling PetHub’s 24-hour “Found Pet Hotline”

As soon as the pet’s profile is accessed a lot of things kick into gear:
A notification email goes out to the owner any GPS data we can pull from the mobile device is used to send a map of where the pet’s tag was scanned.

Engrave Custom Logos

PUP-a-TOP™ is constantly working on new licensing agreements, but if you are a business or an individual and own a logo that you would like to place on a PUP-a-TOP pet tag send your vector image to us with the subject line of custom logo.

We will reply back with a picture sample. If you like it, as if it was a question, we will send you a sample of your logo on the color(s) of your choice.

Custom logos with PUP-a-TOP

Companion App

Coming soon

PUP-a-TOP™ dog tags were invented for one purpose: Supporting the active lifestyle of the ever aging dog and its owner.

The PUP-a-TOP™ Companion App will:

  • Activate QR Edition tags and allow you to set up your PetHub profile
  • Enable you to share you and your pet's activities across all social media
  • Find & add pet friendly bars, restaurants, shopping, and lodging nearby
  • Locate and connect with your best friend's best friends
  • Access to exclusive PUP-a-TOP partner product deals

Continue to check back or buy a PUP-a-TOP™ dog tag and we will send you extremely rare updates on our progress.

PUP-a-TOP Companion app COMING SOON

Retail Packaging

Interested in carrying PUP-a-TOP™ to expose your customers to one of the most unique products ever created? Please contact us or email us with the subject of retail.

PUP-a-TOP™ retail program can offer:

  • Retail kit quantities with optional display case
  • Quick Point of Sale pet ID accessory, no additional engraving needed
  • PUP-a-TOP templates or custom logos and text
  • Two sizes, over 15 colors and patterns
  • Unique product, domestic manufacturing and distribution
PUP-a-TOP retail